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My name is Rhys Parker and I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Oxfordshire. I may be vertically challenged and look little more than 15, but I’m actually in my thirties.
My favourite TV show is Top Gear, particularly the special episodes where they go on road-trips to places like Vietnam & Africa. For me it’s the perfect combination of camaraderie, comedy & adventure.
A lot of my clients pre-warn me about their ‘Camera Phobia’. Most people suffer from this affliction including me, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have great pictures and have fun taking them.. really.. I’m serious!
However if you want me to “say cheese” it will cost extra. 😉


I love telling stories creatively with my photography, especially when it’s of people laughing, crying and having the best time of their life!
I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I love the tones, texture and feel you get from film but it’s way less practical than digital. It’s why I process my pictures with a ‘film like’ style, it’s like getting the best of both worlds.